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Hi, I'm Annie!

I am an avid nature lover, foodie, hiker, beach lover and sunset junkie. My aim is to incorporate sustainability into everything I do with immaculate customer service and to go above and beyond expectations to create and manage a service that will be unforgettable. If you want to know more about my services and what I offer, keep on reading.


Sustainable Ethics & Beyond

Hello and welcome to my digital space! As a sustainability-focused event planner and freelancer, I’m passionate about fusing unforgettable experiences without compromising our environment. In the hustle and bustle of today’s competitive world, what sets a business apart is its capability to merge creativity with concrete results. Having managed events of various scales, I've consistently infused sustainable practices, ensuring memorable moments don't cost the earth.


Tailored Freelance Solutions

Choosing to freelance has empowered me to offer clients unparalleled flexibility. Instead of the constraints that come with a full-time permanent employee, I provide adaptive and on-demand services. With a robust skill set honed over years, I extend competitive pricing and bespoke solutions tailored to unique client needs. The best part? Sustainability remains at the heart of every project, ensuring we not only meet our goals but do so responsibly.

My Passion & Expertise

This website is a testament to my ardor for events, project management, business development, and operations, always through the lens of sustainability. Dive deeper to uncover a portfolio of my past ventures, endorsements from gratified clients, and an avenue to initiate our conversation. I'm thrilled to have you here and eagerly await the chance to transform your visions into tangible realities, all while championing green practices.


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